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About SPMS

What is SPMS?
What are Conference Management Systems & SPMS?
SPMS Architecture: How it Works

What Is SPMS?

Tutorial: Introduction to the JACoW Collaboration and SPMS, November 2018

SPMS is a tool for proceedings production and event management and includes capabilities for the following:

  • Scientific Program Administration
    • All activities related to organization of the scientific program by the Scientific Program Committee
    • All activities from preconference abstract submission to the upload of contributions during the conference to publication of the proceedings
    • Reports and tracking
    • Email utilities
    • Refereeing
  • Proceedings Production and Administration
    • All activities related to editing of contributions to the proceedings and production of metadata for final proceedings production
    • Automated postconference proceedings production and publication
  • Event Management
    • Registration, industrial exhibitions, student programs, etc.
    • Management of payments of fees and social programs

JACoW conferences have the added benefit of linking to a central repository that contains profiles of members of the accelerator community and details of the associated laboratories, universities, and institutes subject to their agreement to the JACoW terms and conditions.

JACoW conferences have the option, and are encouraged, to use experienced SPMS regional support centres to manage their SPMS installations. Each region provides database and web services for SPMS only.

  • KEK manages all Asian conferences.
  • CERN manages all European conferences.
  • Fermilab manages all North American conferences.

A networked JACoW file server has been made available by the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) for use at JACoW conferences.

SPMS was developed by, and continues to be maintained by, the JACoW Collaboration. The principle author is Matthew Arena of Fermilab, now responsible for the Scientific Program Module. The event management modules are maintained by Ivan Andrian of Sincrotrone Trieste*, and the automated postconference proceedings production scripts are maintained by Volker Schaa of GSI.

*Supported by the European Community--Research Infrastructure Action under the FP6 "Structuring the European Research Area" Programme (through the Integrated Infrastructure Initiative "Integrating Activity on Synchrotron and Free Electron Laser Science").

What are Conference Management Systems & SPMS?

Presented by Todd Satogata (Jefferson Lab) at the 2016 Team Meeting, Vancouver, Canada

Once an army of diligent, exact staff engaged on missions to organize large meeting of professionals: to attract and accommodate them so they could discuss and publish their works throughout the scientific community. Now your diligent army has shrunk to a near-solo mission. Fortunately Conference Management Systems (CMS) help you stand a chance of retaining your sanity. This talk introduces the JACoW-developed Scientific Program Management System (SPMS), and discusses the efficiencies that can be obtained by running your conference via this system.

Conference Management Systems

  • Scientific program is the raison d'etre of every scientific meeting
    • Includes all schedule organization: tracks/sessions
    • Includes all content organization: classifications, synoptic tables
    • Includes all submitted works: abstracts, talks, posters, papers
  • Staying focused on this priority helps make the daunting task accessible

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time...
  • A conference management system helps break down the elephant into bites
  • This wheel has been reinvented many times:
  • JACoW was ahead of its time
    • Wanted a customizable CMS that addressed needs of accelerator conferences
    • Nothing existed at that time that fit the bill
    • We had the community resources and interest to support a new effort
    • So our own wheel was born: SPMS


  • SPMS is menu-driven: each is connected beneath to Oracle sql routines

SPMS to Authors: Elephant Smell

  • Manage abstract and submissions to conference
  • See log of all processing activity
  • Provide context for communications with conference organizer

SPMS Privileges: Elephant Bites

  • Different conference roles use SPMS in different ways.
  • At login, SPMS asks for your privilege/role
    • This helps SPMS guide your workflow to make your life easier

Conference Administrator

  • The "super-user" of SPMS
  • Usually only used by the Scientific Secretariat and SPMS administrator
  • Has access to all menu items in SPMS
  • Documentation is available on jacow.org organized by web interface

Editor Menu

  • One of the core functions of JACoW in SPMS
  • Guides productive, rapid workflow for paper processing
    • And, separately, QA of other editors' work, transparency processing, ...

Processing Statistics

Editor Statistics


  • This Team Meeting: Using SPMS to Perform Key Tasks Part 1 and Part 2