JACoW Team Meeting 2023

The JACoW Board of Directors received two (2) bid proposals.

After careful consideration the JACoW Board decided at our Board of Directors meeting on March 14 that the best location for JACoW Team Meeting 2023 is to be:

NSRRC: HsinChu, Taiwan, November 28--December 1

This decision was not taken lightly, it was a very close race. After much discussion it was decided that Taiwan who will host IPAC 2025 should host Team Meeting 2023.

Please make note of the date span:

November 26 -- 27: pre-team, by invitation (Pre-Team Meeting for the JACoW Management, SPMS and Indico developers and super users)

November 28 -- December 1: The JACoW Team

More information will be published here as it becomes available. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact Jana Thomson (Coordinator) with any thoughts or suggestions for the program or general organization.

NSRRC: HsinChu, Taiwan proposal:

November 28 to December 1 dates: https://www.jacow.org/uploads/JTM2023/JTM2023%20proposal%20NSRRC-1Mar23.pdf