Accent Characters

The search tool is sensitive to accent charters such as the umlaut double dots such as . These charters can be written into the typically author field using alt codes such as Alt + 0246 for the o umlunt.

This is achieved holding down the Alt Key on a Windows computer, and simultaneously typing the number code including the leading zero, then releasing the Alt Key. The character should then appear.

Note that some authors modified their names to replace the umlunt by placing a trailing e. For example Bge may have been written as Boege by the author.

Table of Alt Codes

Alt CodesSymbolDescriptionAlt CodesSymbolDescription
Alt 0192A graveAlt 0224a grave
Alt 0193A acuteAlt 0225a acute
Alt 0194A circumflexAlt 0226a circumflex
Alt 0195A tildeAlt 0227a tilde
Alt 0196A umlautAlt 0228a umlaut
Alt 0199C cedillaAlt 0231c cedilla
Alt 0200E graveAlt 0232e grave
Alt 0201E acuteAlt 0233e acute
Alt 0202E circumflexAlt 0234e circumflex
Alt 0203E umlautAlt 0235e umlaut
Alt 0204I graveAlt 0236i grave
Alt 0205I acuteAlt 0237i acute
Alt 0206I circumflexAlt 0238i circumflex
Alt 0207I umlautAlt 0239i umlaut
Alt 165N tildeAlt 164n tilde
Alt 0210O graveAlt 0242o grave
Alt 0211O acuteAlt 0243o acute
Alt 0212O circumflexAlt 0244o circumflex
Alt 0213O tildeAlt 0245o tilde
Alt 0214O umlautAlt 0246o umlaut
Alt 0138S caronAlt 0154s caron
Alt 0218U acuteAlt 0249u grave
Alt 0219U circumflexAlt 0250u acute
Alt 0220U umlautAlt 0251u circumflex
Alt 0217U graveAlt 0252u umlaut
Alt 0221Y acuteAlt 0253y acute
Alt 0159Y umlautAlt 0255y umlaut
Alt 0142Z caronAlt 0158z caron