LaTex Templates

jacow.clsClass file (common A4/US Letter)[see below for BibLaTeX]
JACpic_mc.pdfFigure 1 (common A4/US Letter)
Figure 2 (common A4/US Letter)
jacow-collaboration-2016.pdfIncluded pdf page (common A4/US Letter)
JACoW_LaTeX_A4.texDocument (A4)
JACoW_LaTeX_Letter.texDocument (US Letter)

You can refer to the already created PDF from those files by clicking on the page sizes above.

See the Changelog for more information on latest changes.

The latest LaTeX Templates can also be downloaded from CTAN packages, the JACoW repository, hosted by Github.

Authors using the template for the first time might also wish to view the section on Using LaTeX

Please make sure that a modern TeX system is used (at least TeX Live 2013, MiKTeX2.9, proTeXt, or MacTeX) as a number of LaTeX package are loaded with are present in any current TeX system. The jacow.cls class file loads the following packages:

booktabs, caption, cite, csquotes, enumitem, etoolbox, fix-cm, fixltx2e, fontenc, footmisc, geometry, graphicx, ifluatex, ifxetex, lmodern, microtype, newtxmath, siunitx, sttools, textcase, textcomp, tgtermes, unicode-math, url, xcolor.

If BibLaTeX will be used, the biblatex package is loaded too.

The current JACoW class (v1.95) is not fully adapted to the use of BibLaTeX. There is a test version (v2.3) which has more support for BibLaTeX, which can be downloaded here . The options for the class file in the \documentclass command should have the biblatex option specified.

% boxit, % check whether paper is inside correct margins
biblatex, % biblatex is used
keeplastbox, % flushend option: not to un-indent last line in References
% nospread, % flushend option: do not fill with whitespace to balance columns
% hyphens, % allow \url to hyphenate at "-" (hyphens)
% xetex, % use XeLaTeX to process the file
% luatex, % use LuaLaTeX to process the file

Quotation marks with BibLaTeX

The default bahaviour in BibLaTeX is for the comma or period to be put inside the quotation mark, as in American English. In British English, however, the rule is to place the comma or period outside the quotation mark.

To change this behaviour in BibLaTeX from the default US English to British English, the following command should be declared in your TeX file: \DefineBibliographyExtras{american}{\stdpunctuation} (provided by Thorsten Lamb)

Hints for Installation

(provided by Volker Ziemann)

on Ubuntu (14.4) install the texlive-full package.

on Opensuse (13.1) install the texlive-latex package and add explicitly the following packages texlive-newtx, texlive-siunitx, texlive-boondox, texlive-sttools.