Building the Program: Allocating Talks to Sessions

Contact: Maria A. Power (Argonne National Laboratory Physics Division)

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Presentation Type (Contributions)Validate Paper ID Sequences
Presentation Type (Sessions)Assign/Move Paper IDs
Contribution CodesAllocating Talks to Sessions
Location CodesAllocating Posters to Sessions
Session CodesDaily Events for Program
Creating Sessions
Enter Session Chairs

How to assign talks to sessions.

Program Codes for Oral Presentations

Once the sessions have been established, it is necessary to assign a session and sequence number to each contribution. This is done manually via the "Sessions" link in the search.results screen.


Search for all invited oral or contributed oral presentations via the search screen (conference, and sort or group as well as possible to facilitate the individual entries.


Work through each contribution, click on the "Sessions" link at the top of the screen and then

  • Click the Add New Session link
  • Select the session in the drowpdown list
  • Optionally enter the Sequence #. If left blank, the system will assign the next available sequence number.
  • Enter the start time of the presentation
  • Enter the number of minutes

Click on "Submit".

Multiple Sessions

SPMS allows the assignment of several program codes to one contributions. This is particularly useful for events where students present their posters twice, once during the student poster session, and again during the normal poster sessions. Another instance is for conferences that offer oral poster presentations, or electronic poster presentations.

Moving talks to another session

  • Add the new session to the talk
  • Make the new session the primary
  • Remove the old session

Changing Sequence of Session Talks

  • Add the talk to a temporary or other session
  • Make the 'other' session Primary
  • Remove the 'old' session
  • Add the session back with the new sequence number
  • Make the 'new' session primary
  • Delete the 'old' session