MS Word Templates

A4 Paper SizeUS Letter Paper SizeDescription
JACoW_W16_A4.dotxJACoW_W16_Letter.dotxWord 2016 (.dotx)
JACoW_W16_A4_Short.dotxJACoW_W16_Letter_Short.dotxWord 2016 (.dotx) Short version

You can refer to the already created PDF from those files by clicking on the page sizes above (PDFs here have already been cropped to JACoW page size).

See the Changelog for more information on latest changes.

The latest MS Word Templates can also be downloaded from the JACoW repository, hosted by Github.

Special Note on MS Word Templates: If you cannot, or choose not to, install the template (.dotx file) on your computer, please use it as a .docx file.

Templates work best when you install the document template (.dotx file) on your computer.

Please follow the instructions for installing templates on your computer.

PLEASE NOTE: These MS Word templates contain macros. Only two features will be unavailable if you choose to disable macros -- Full Page Width Macro and Column Format Macro. You may need to change your macro security settings (Tools, Macros, Security) to use macros.