2014 JACoW Stakeholders Meeting

The 2014 JACoW Stakeholders Meeting will take place during IPAC'14 at the International Congress Center Dresden as follows:

Thursday, 19 June, 2014
International Congress Center Dresden

Tentative agenda:

  • Welcome: Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, Honorary CERN Staff Member, JACoW Coordinator
  • Chairman's Report : Volker Schaa, GSI, JACoW Chair
  • Report on the work of the Board of Directors and proposal to modify the JACoW templates/upload of contributions to the proceedings: Ivan Andrian, Elettra, JACoW Deputy Chair
  • Questions from the floor

Notes from discussion: main points and contributions

  • SPMS: There are at the moment too many feature requests and too few developers!
  • Indico/JACoW integration slide/discussion (collaboration growing)
    • Linac'14 using Indico for presentations management
    • JACoW requests resources for JACoW/Indico integration
    • Now we are at a "Resources suboptimal" state
  • Discussion of reaction to new templates (with auto-generated 'wrappers')
    • Strong request from the floor to have format/visibility of the references
    • Better parsable references are in the authors' interest
    • Gianluigi Arduini makes some comments that are very supportive to the new proposed templates:
      • better streamline work for editors/conference organisers
      • more work for authors, but it's their interest to do this!
      • personally don't care about the aesthetical differences, it's more the content that matters
    • Volker Schaa: How to deal with collaborations in author lists?
      • Christine Petit-Jean Genaz: Sometimes list one person on paper and full collab in metadata. So these don't always have to be coordinated.
      • For us one of the major collaborations is MICE.
      • Perhaps we can have a collaboration as an affiliation?
    • Lenny Rivkin: Citations are very important for our community!
      Are there other links with Inspire, Google Scholar with JACoW?
      • Volker Schaa notes that we can get indexed through Inspire, and we agree, but the delay time may be longer than authors like.
      • Metadata are inside the PDF and could be picked up in Google Scholar
  • Ivan Andrian: There is an outstanding request to get author and citation information straight out of the JACoW repository, similarly to how we currently implement search.
    • Christine Petit-Jean Genaz: It will alwas remain on author to ensure that their author information and affiliation are correct.
    • Andy Wolski: DOI's? Volker asked for money from IPAC'14 to do this here.
      • Volker Schaa: unfortunately, no answer up to now...
    • George Neil: Having an extra page of copy/paste references from the SPMS would make a big difference!
    • Volker Schaa: LaTeX can separate out title/reference pages automatically right now with current template
    • Vladimir Litvinenko: Likes new layout. One worry for SPMS, it could be a pain in the neck with 50+ authors, how to configure where we get many authors. Is there a way to paste in and get the list of authors? For example, a "favorite authors" list to select from.
    • Andy Wolski: How's about having references in front too? (rather than at the end -- some other publications do it this way already).
    • Gianluigi Arduini thinks that the aesthaetic doesn't matter that much more in the electronic publishing world.
    • George Neil: Perhaps have a favorites list of authors from your organization, similar to favorites list idea.
  • Early access to contributions
    • Access with smart phone QR code would be nice
    • BUT requires policy input from program committees

Direct outcomes

  • In the near future, focus on new SPMS features to offer Citations of JACoW material:
    • Searchable list of (JACoW) publications per person/institute
    • In the search results, propose the references in a format suitable for JACoW papers, to be cut and pasted by authors onto their works
  • then, develop the new templates with auto-generated wrappers in a test scenario, to be evaluated in the next Stakeholders' meeting

Attendees were around 55 people.