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Template WG Meeting Notes

  • Held Thu 6 Dec 2018 at Team Meeting 2018, Cape Town
  • Attending: Ivan Andrian, Jan Chrin, Volker Schaa, Todd Satogata
  • Action items are in bold


  • Todd will contact Overleaf to request removal of old JACoW templates from Overleaf Gallery
  • Jan has added a link to the Overleaf JACoW Template on the Authors/LaTeX template page
  • Meghan McAteer (HZB, ERL'20) is also considering putting a link directly to the Overleaf template on her conference guidance documentation

Short-Term Considerations

These are items considered before IPAC'18. None of them appear controversial in the next template release.

  • Remove the postal codes from the template
  • Include a link to the document on official abbreviations for journals
  • Update the membership of the JACoW collaboration, and add photo from Team Meeting 2018

Longer-Term Considerations

These are items to be discussed further and raised with the community for consideration.

  • Consider changing titles and sections (and subsections) to sentence case
    • We spent time during the meeting looking at some sample papers with these reformatted.
    • The papers did not obviously look bad; they for the most part looked okay.
    • Also evaluated recent papers from PR:AB and NIM to see what is industry standard
    • Actions: identify differences with current standards, test format alternatives on a sample of recent JACoW papers
    • We may add this as an agenda item to the next Stakeholder's Meeting
  • References
    • Rohan has considered offering citation prizes at IPAC'19
    • Can we provide faster ways for authors to get citations pre-formatted?
    • Add a properly-formatted citation to the paper? (Authors often do not see the citation links in the proceedings since they find papers with search engines)
  • JACoW bibtex/biblatex style
    • A style is needed since we significantly deviate from the IEEE style; some discussion at IPAC'18
    • Volker will follow up to see how difficult it is to develop such a style