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Paper Processing: Advanced LaTeX Editing

Contact: Todd Satogata (Jefferson Lab)

Initial Instructions for Editing Team
Basic Paper Processing Procedure
LaTeX Editing, Basic
LaTeX Editing, Advanced
Quality Assurance Procedure
Tips & Tricks
Cheat Sheets
Common Author Oversights
Paper Editor's Page

LaTeX papers are making up about 50% of IPAC papers in recent conferences, and lack of experienced LaTeX editors is sometimes a bottleneck in paper processing for publication of JACoW conferences. Outline:

  • a quick summary from Jan Chrin's Basic LaTeX editing tutorial
  • an introduction to Overleaf (a free web-based LaTeX environment)
  • an introduction to (and walkthrough of) the JACoW LaTeX template
  • tips, tricks, and pitfalls in LaTeX processing through examples selected from IPAC'18 paper processing
  • a survey useful references for further reading and experimenting




  • A free web-based LaTeX source editor, processor, and pdf viewer
  • Good fundamental LaTeX documentation
  • Recently merged with ShareLaTeX

Please briefly try the following on Overleaf:

  • Create a login
  • Click New Project / Example Project in the upper left
  • Experiment with updating and recompiling this document

Overleaf Menu and LaTeX Compilation

  • Click on the upper left Overleaf menu icon
    • You can download the LaTeX source or pdf output from here, copy the project, sync to Dropbox, etc
    • You also should see many settings
    • These include the indication that the LaTeX compiler is pdflatex
  • You will most likely use pdflatex for most of your processing
    • It can embed many graphics types (pdf, png, jpeg, jbig2, jpeg2000) but NOT eps directly
    • eps files are converted to pdf then included behind the scenes with modern pdflatex/graphicx
    • This can be insufficient for eps files with small lines or fonts
      • Manually convert eps files to png or jpg a high resolution where necessary

Structure of a LaTeX Document

  • Back to your example LaTeX document
    • preamble: stuff before the \begin{document}
    • body: Everything between \begin{document} and \end{document}
  • The body contains various blocks
    • \maketitle builds the document title, author list, date, etc
    • \sections and \subsections are self-evident
      • \subsections do not automatically format in JACoW-standard title case!
    • Figures, tables, equations, and paragraphs are all blocks
    • The bibliography can be a separate .bib file or another block in the body.

The JACoW Template

A Green Dot IPAC18 LaTeX Paper

  • WEPAL026 (Todd's link)
  • I noted it as green dot with no changes needed.
  • In retrospect I was a bit loose with the references.
    • Should pay better attention to Jan's presentation on reference formatting.
  • Note double-column figure, Figure/Fig. used correctly, correct figure caption
  • Note source code is clean with extra vertical space
  • Note \\ at ends of lines (a common error among LaTeX newbies)

A Yellow Dot IPAC18 LaTeX Paper

  • MOYGB1 (Todd's link)
  • I noted it as Yellow
  • Good use of \siunitx for units
  • Table and subsection headers are not Title Case
  • Last page overran the bottom margins; vertical space issues
  • Negative vertical space after last table
  • First table slightly overruns margin: \resizebox trick

LaTeX Math and Symbols

Common LaTeX Abuses and Errors

  • Title formatting, extra period, lowercase tidbits
  • Author list overruns hbox
  • Old template
  • Wrong type of quotes used
  • mu vs textmu
  • Equation overrun
  • Missing \url in citations

Practicum: Editing a Real LaTeX Paper

LaTeX Resources