Paper Processing: Initial Instructions for Your Editing Team

Initial Instructions for Your Editing Team
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Instructions and other helpful information for processing papers are located at left. The following information is to help the conference editor prepare instructions for the editing team.

We recommend providing the following conference-specific information to your editing team before they begin paper processing. You might want to include other information as well.

Text in red should be deleted or replaced as appropriate for your conference.

Authorís files → File server at xxxxxx
Authorís working files → On your computer
Meta data → SPMS at CERN / FNAL / KEK
Trace of all events/comments → SPMS at CERN / FNAL / KEK

Explain which computers to use and give any necessary information about the IT infrastructure--printers, backup, etc.

Indicate where editors can find details of the settings for Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Distiller, Pitstop, and Word. Normally these should be set before the conference but they might become corrupted, making it necessary for the editor to reset them.

Provide details such as

  • Information about emails automatically generated by dot assignments.
  • Limits on numbers of pages.
  • Particular layout requirements (single column, etc.).
  • Choices relating to the level of adherence to the template (author lists, use of Fig. vs Figure, captions, etc.).
  • Proceedings office procedures such as printing, filing, etc.