Paper Processing: Tips and Tricks

Contact: David Button (ANSTO)

Initial Instructions for Editing Team
Basic Paper Processing Procedure
LaTeX Editing, Basic
LaTeX Editing, Advanced
Quality Assurance Procedure
Tips & Tricks
Cheat Sheets
Common Author Oversights
Paper Editor's Page

IPAC'17 Copenhagen Paper Submission Proportions



  • Prerequisites
  • Visualization
    • Print Layout View (default)
    • Outline View
    • Text Boundaries
    • Punctuation and hidden symbols
  • Search's
    • Find
    • Find and Replace
  • Formatting
    • Styles
    • Format Paint Tool
    • Fudging Line Spacing's (Shift + Ctrl + < OR >)
    • Insert Objects Inline with Text
    • Remove Hyper Links
    • Breaks