Guidelines for Speakers

Contacts: Charlie Horak, ORNL and Stefano Deiuri, Elettra

All presentations will be made from the wiki site. Instead of creating a separate ppt or pdf file for your presentation, you'll place everything on a wiki page(s) that will be the basis for your talk. Every presentation on the agenda is already linked to a page for you to use.

Note that your page might already have information on it from a previous presentation or from an existing page with content similar to what will be in your talk. Please edit the page as appropriate. You can also create additional pages, start from scratch with a completely new page, and/or create a "draft" page to work on and then move your text to the actual agenda page when ready; see creating and deleting pages.

Before you begin, please review the information at Working in the Wiki. You'll find links to all the information you should need to develop your presentation, including how to create a slideshow from a wiki page.

What Should My Completed Page Look Like?

This will vary, of course, depending on the content. However, there are a few elements that should appear on all pages:

  • Title
  • Contact
  • Brief introduction to the topic and/or what the page covers (200 words max).
  • A reference list of links to related information, such as presentations, if available.

If you have questions about using the Wiki, contact Stefano Deiuri (WiKi Webmaster), Charlie Horak (Content Manager), or Ivan Andrian (JACoW Chair).