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Special Kickoff Session

JACoW Team Members are the past, current and future editors in each conference series.

While each conference in a series should be one of the very first places for past, current and future editors/IT people, etc. to meet and establish continuity, and where newly appointed editors should get hands on experience in editing, and learn from their predecessors, it often happens that "future" editors are only named once the previous event in the series is past. This makes it even more important that past, current and future editors, in each series, where known, attend the annual JACoW Team Meetings.

This is such an important element of the "JACoW Model", that attendance at annual Team Meetings is one of the very few boundary conditions for membership of the JACoW Collaboration.

In order to underline the importance JACoW attaches to coordination and continuity within each conference series and within JACoW as a whole, a new event was organised during last year's TM programme. We called it the "Kickoff Session" for want of a better name. The session was generally felt to be useful, and it will be repeated this year.

When and Where

The Kickoff session will take place at Mercure Santos on Monday, 2 December, from 16:00 to 18:00, immediately following on the Pre-Team Meeting (by invitation only). The meeting will be followed by a get together snacks and drink.


Following introductions, representatives of each series will be invited to hold a short discussion and to nominate a spokesperson to introduce the conference series, and say a few words about the events, in particular concerning size, frequency, attendance, contributions, organization, etc. Newcomers in this way meet the previous organizers in their conference series, and are able to benefit from their experience throughout the Team Meeting, and also become more familiar with the whole JACoW Collaboration.

If no "previous" editor in a given series is present, efforts will be made to match newcomers to conference series similar in size, etc.

A number of JACoW "regular" experts, who may not currently be involved in the organization of any JACoW events, will also be on hand to provide information and guidance.

See more details on the about this year's session on the Kickoff Session Organization page.

Team Members

According to the JACoW Charter, Team Members are the past, current and future editors in each conference series. Reproduced below is the current list of Team Members (Conference Editors) where known. Please take careful note, and inform Christine (christine.petit-jean-genaz@cern.ch) if any of this information is incorrect. Newcomers are particularly welcome to ask questions in advance, as well as those persons perhaps standing in for their colleagues. Further below is a table showing each conference, near past, current and future in each series with the name of the editor, whether the editor is present or not, and Scientific Programme Chair. We will keep this up to date as Team Members register for TM'19. We will also add the names of any other persons representing conferences, including hopefully some SPC Chairs.

Team Members


Dieter Prasuhn, FZJ (COOL'17)
Maksim Kuzin, BINP (COOL'19)
Editor not yet known, Stony Brook University (COOL'21)


Jan Chrin, PSI (CYCLOTRONS'16)
Garrett De Villiers/Joele Mira, iThemba (CYCLOTRONS'19)
Editor not yet known (CYCLOTRONS'22)


Pietro Pisciotta, INFN/LNS (ECRIS'18)
Amy McCausey, FRIB (ECRIS'20)


Kip Bishofberger, LANL (FEL'17)
Michaela Marx, DESY (FEL'19)
Ivan Andrian, Elettra (FEL'21)


Lu Li , IMP/CAS (HIAT'18)


Xin Han, SINAP (IBIC'18)
Johan Olander, ESS (IBIC'19)
Renan Picoreti, LNLS (IBIC'20)


Isidre Costa, ALBA-CELLS (ICALEPCS'17)
Phil Dyer, BNL (ICALEPCS'19)


Pavel Snopok, IIT (ICAP'18)
Volker Schaa, GSI (ICAP'21)


Dong-Eon Kim, PAL (HB'18)
Kelly Jaje, ANL (???) (HB'20)

ICFA eeFact

YingYing Li, HKUST (eeFact'18)


Mick Draper, CERN (ERL'17)
Meghan McAteer, HZB (ERL'19)
Cornell/JLab/BNL (ERL'21)


Xin Han, SINAP (FLS'18)
Jan Chrin, PSI (FLS'21)


David Button, ANSTO (IPAC'19)
Adeline Jeanne, GANIL/Laurent Serani, CEN Bordeaux (IPAC'20)
Renan Picoreti, LNLS (IPAC'21)
Thakonwat Chanwattana/Nawin Juntong, SLRI (IPAC'22)


Ning Zhao, IHEP Beijing (Linac'18)
Robert Apsimon, Lancaster Univ./Volker Schaa, GSI (Linac'20)
Kelly Jaje/Cathy Eyberger, ANL (Linac'22)


Manuel Tilmont, Soleil (has left the Lab) (MEDSI'18)
Kelly Jaje, ANL (MEDSI'20)


Amy McCausey, FRIB (NA-PAC'19)


Yung-Sen Cheng, NSRRC (PCaPAC'18)
Birgit Ploetzeneder, ELI (PCaPAC'20)


Maksim Kuzin, BINP (all RuPACs)


Ning Zhao, IHEP, Beijing (all SAPs)


Ning Zhao, IHEP, Beijing (SRF'17)
Volker Schaa, GSI (SRF'19)
Anastasia Lesage, FRIB (SRF'21) (:tablend:)

Attendance at TM'19 by Conference

Conf./Conf. in SeriesEditorRegisteredAlso RegisteredSPC Chair
COOL'19, NovosibirskMaksim Kusin, BudkerYes Vassily Parkhomchuk BINP
COOL'21, New York?????? Vladimir Litvinenko, BNL
CYCLOTRONS'19, Cape TownJoele Mira, iThemba LabsNoVanessa de JongheLowry Conradie, iThemba Labs
CYCLOTRONS'22, Beijing???No Tianjue Zhang, CIAE
ECRIS'18, Catania, ITPietro Pisciotta, INFN/LNSNo Luigi Celona, LNS
ECRIS'20, USAAmy McCausey, FRIBNo Guillaume Machicoane, FRIB
FEL'19, Hamburg, DEMichaela Marx, DESYNoRuth Rudolph, DESYWinfried Decking, DESY
FEL'21, TriesteIvan Andrian, ElettraYes Giovanni De Ninno/Simone Di Mitri, Elettra
HIAT'18, LanzhouLu Li, iMP/CASNo Yuan He, IMPCAS
IBIC'18, ShanghaiXin Han, SINAPNo Yongbin Leng, SINAP
IBIC'19, LundJohan Olander, ESSNo Andreas Jansson, ESS
IBIC'20, Sao PaoloRenan Picoreti, LNLSYesSergio Rodrigo Marques, LNLSDaniel de Oliveira Tavares, LNLS
ICALEPCS'19, New YorkPhilip Dyer, BNLNo Seth Nemesure, BNL
ICALEPCS'21, ShanghaiXin Han, SINAPNo Yingbing Yan, SINAP
ICAP'18, Key WestPavel Snopok, IITYes Kyoto Makino, MSU
ICAP'21, DarmstadtVolker Schaa, GSIYes Oliver Boine-Frankenheim, GSI
ICFA eeFact
eeFact'18, Hong KongYingYing Li, HKUSTNo Andy Cohen, HKIAS
ERL'19, BerlinJens Voelker HZBYes Jens Knobloch, HZB
ERL'21 , Cornell/JLab/BNLNot yet known??? Georg Hoffstaetter???
FLS'18, ShanghaiXin Han, SINAPNo Yong Ho Chin, KEK/Zhentang Zhao, SINAP
FLS'21, SwitzerlandJan Chrin, PSIYes Hans Braun, PSI 
HB'18, DaejeonDong-Eon Kim, PALYes Dong-O Jeon, IBS/Yong Ho Chin, KEK
HB'20, GermanyVolker SchaaYes Ingo Hofmann, GSI
IPAC'19, MelbourneDavid Button, ANSTONoMark Caetano, Rohan Dowd, Joshua PetersHitoshi Tanaka, RIKEN SPring-8
IPAC'20, CaenLaurent Serani, CEN, BordeauxYesFrédéric Chautard, Adeline Jeanne, Guillaume LalaireRalph Assman, DESY
IPAC'21, Foz d'IguaçuRenan Picoreti, LNLSYesGustavo Bruno, Sergio Marquez, Caio Martinez, Henrique de Oliveira, Lucas VolpeJohn Byrd, ANL
IPAC'22, BangkokThakonwat Chanwattana, SLRIYesNatthawut Suradet 
Linac'18, BeijingNing Zhao, IHEP BeijingNoHong-Fei JiShinian Fu, IHEP/Yong Ho Chin, KEK
Linac'20, LiverpoolRobert Apsimon, Lancaster Univ.Yes Graeme Burt, Cockcroft Inst.
Linac'22, ChicagoKelly Jaje/Cathy Eyberger, ANLNo Marion White, ANL
MEDSI'18, ParisManuel Tilmont, SoleilNo Keihan Tavakoli, Soleil
MEDSI'20, ChicagoKelly Jaje, ANLNo Yifei Jaski
NA-PAC'19, East LansingAmy McCausey, FRIBNo Tor Raubenheimer, SLAC
PCaPAC'18, HsinchuYung-Sen Cheng, NSRRCNo Kuo-Tung Hsu, NSRRC
PCaPAC'20, Prague???Birgit Ploetzeneder, ELI-beamsNo Reinhard Bacher, DESY
All RuPACsMaksim Kuzin, BINPYes  
All SAPsNing Zhao, IHEP BeijingNoHong-Fei JiChuanxiang Tang, IHEP
SRF'19, DresdenPetra Neumann, HZDNoVolker SchaaPeter Michel, HZD
SRF'21, MichiganAnastasia Lesage, FRIBNo Kenji Saito, FRIB

JACoW Board Members and Associated JACoW Team Members Registered:

Ivan Andrian, Elettra
Ronny Billen, CERN
Stefano Deiuri
Charlie Horak, ORNL
Takashi Kosuge, KEK
Vincent Mitts
Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, CERN
Javad Rahighi, ILS
Todd Satogata, JLAB
Akihiro Shirakawa, KEK
Volker Schaa, GSI