Programme Introduction

David Button of ANSTO and Gustavo Barbosa Monteiro Bruno of LNLS are working with the local and international team to put together this year's Team Meeting programme including input from the Board of Directors and the TM Working Group. David and Ruby are expecting a happy event in November making it very unlikely David will be with us at the TM. Gustavo is going in at the deep end. An experience that will no doubt serve him, and the LOC of IPAC'21, in good stead.

Pre-Conference SPMS Developers

A pre-TM SPMS Developers Meeting will take place from 09:00 to 18:00 on Sunday, 1 December and from 09:00 to 16:00 on Monday, 2 December, at the Mercure Santos. This meeting is restricted to JACoW Board of Directors Members, developers and super users, and is by invitation only.

The Kickoff Session

On Monday, 2 December, i.e. the day before the start of the Team Meeting proper, the Pre-Team Meeting mentioned above will be followed by a Kickoff session for ALL participants, from 16:00 to 18:00, at the Hotel. All newcomers will be introduced to the more "seasoned" members of the JACoW team. We aim to emphasise the importance of a good dose of continuity within each JACoW Collaboration series. Good continuity within each series, by providing training for future editors in each series, lessens the strain and amount of new information and training required by newcomers to the Collaboration either when they join their first JACoW Team Meeting, or when they first tackle "hands on" editing during major conferences. The more training newcomers get, the better they are equipped to face the challenges of good conference organization, scientific programme management, and electronic publication.

The Team Meeting

The Team Meeting proper will take place at the Hotel Mercure Santos, from Tuesday 3 December to Friday 6 December, mid-day. Plenary sessions will take place in the available facilities. See the Agenda for detail. The TM is using a dedicated Indico instance for registration purposes, as well to test some of the new functionality being developed in the Indico/JACoW merge project.

The proposed Agenda is listed in the appropriate section, and suggestions on material for consideration are welcomed. Any suggestions should be sent to David/Gustavo Team Meeting Working Group , with the aim to make the meeting as productive as possible.

The programme will be made up of plenary oral sessions, a poster session devoted to conference reports, and a small number of parallel sessions for tutorials and working groups.

Please refer to the Agenda regarding the parallel/tutorial sessions. Some introductory overviews of parallel sessions will be scheduled in advance to facilitate the learning process.

One-on-one time will again be included in this years meeting so that new team members can arrange their schedules to address specific topics of discussion with JACoW "experts". Persons interested in one-on-one time should contact David and Gustavo with specific questions to arrange for an appropriate "expert" to be available.

The welcome reception will follow the poster session on Tuesday afternoon, and the Team Meeting dinner will take place on the Thursday evening, 5 December.

A LNLS Lab Tour will be available after the end of the Team Meeting. Traveling from Santos to Campinas, where the Lab is located, takes about 3 hours. More information will be available in due course.

JACoW Team Members are the persons responsible for the publication of the conference proceedings on However, many different skills and competences come into play in the run up to, and during, a conference, and the load is often shared between several persons. Team Members should not hesitate to share this invitation with colleagues who may benefit from learning more about the different aspects of accelerator conference organization, in particular those with responsibilities relating to programme management, registration and IT. It is the collective knowledge of JACoW "experts" and Team Members which is of such great benefit to the Collaboration as a whole.