JBoD meeting #2 - September 9, 2012

This meeting has been arranged on EVO.

The approved Summary notes are available in PDF format.


  • Approval of JBoD#1 Summary Notes [Ivan]
  • BoD members: strategies for turnover [Cathy]
  • Stakeholders: how we define who to contact and move forward?
  • Weiren Chouís ideas concerning ORCID and JACoW becoming an ICFA panel: updates (?) [Volker, Christine]
  • JACoW (need for a) president: current ideas [discussion]
  • Conferences: new requests to join JACoW, fail to publish, ... [Christine]
  • Roles, activities, deliverables and schedules, where we are [Todd]
  • Website: direct access to JACoW conferences problem (e.g.: http://jacow.org/e08): discussion [Ivan, Volker]
  • Next Team Meeting: status [Christine]
  • Other possible business