JBoD meeting #36 - April 1, 2021

This meeting will be over Zoom.

The Summary notes are available .


  1. Approval of Agenda of BoDM36, and of Notes of BoDM35 (already distributed).
  2. Matters outstanding from BoDM35
    1. JACoW Sustainability, Document prepared by Chris (attached for convenience) on Closure of FNAL RSC
    2. JACoW Sustainability, Action on David re. specification for the effort needed to drive a JACoW event, both tools and manpower
  3. JPSP Scripts
    Action on Ivan to contact Volker
  4. JFIC Testing
    1. Ivanís comparison between SPMS Features in/not in Indico
    2. Report on progress so far (Ivan and Chris)
  5. IPACí21
  6. TMí21
  7. AOB