JBoD meeting #19 - December 2, 2018

This meeting is being held at Lord Charles Hotel, Sommerset West, South Africa, before the JACoW Team Meeting.

Present: Ivan, Todd, Christine, Volker, David

Summary notes are available.


  1. JACoW sustainability through continuity
    Usual Introduction: IPAC is the biggest and most complex event in the JACoW calendar, and the only event that potentially uses the full range of SPMS functionality. The IPAC presentations each year are key ones for the next event in the series, and for all of the smaller ones.
    Continuity and sustainability within the IPAC series thus have a huge impact on JACoW and all other events in the calendar. In the same way as the IPAC organizers support JACoW via purchase of software, those responsible for the series (IPACCC) need to recognize that continuity among the "experts" is also essential to allow JACW to continue to achieve its goals via the Team Meetings with the support of the managements of major laboratories.
    Losing IPAC experts immediately after a conference means JACoW is in danger of losing whole areas of its knowhow. We look to the IPAC Scientific Secretariat to take a leading role in the preparation of the TM programmes and to take the responsibility to pass on their experience. Otherwise their training and experience falls always to the same "core" people, who may in the future not necessarily be actively involved in any JACoW conference organization. Having performing tools such as SPMS, or JACoW Indico, is no use if one does not have people understanding conference organization to use them and train newcomers.
    Note: This year's Kickoff Session aims to address the issue of JACoW sustainability through continuity.
  2. Volker's participation in JACoW and role of GSI. Volker to report on recent discussions at the GSI level, and how he sees future developments
  3. Indico: Discussion on how we understand the progress with this project, and how we see Indico in JACoW in the next three years (1 with financial support, but what comesnext?).
  4. SPMS Central Repository: Problems with synchronisation and general functionality when updating profiles, merging duplicates, adding authors to papers, etc, Mailing Lists, Stakeholders Module. Christine to introduce the topic, for further discussion, and in particular how the Central Repository will evolve with the introduction of Indico.
  5. AOB
    • Job listings on JACoW
    • SCOPUS: Report from Volker
    • Request to add a JACoW mailing list for Accelerators Schools