JBoD meeting #18 - July 3, 2017

This meeting is being held via Skype at:

  • 7 AM EDT (UTC-4) for Todd
  • 12 PM Algarve (WEST) for Christine
  • 1 PM Darmstadt/Trieste (UTC+2) for Volker and Ivan
  • 9 PM Sydney (UTC+10) for David

The Summary notes are available.


  1. approval of JBoDM#16 and JBoDM#17 minutes (Todd)
  2. Follow up on previous decisions (broken links in proceedings, ...) (Todd)
  3. New requests to join (Ivan)
  4. Status of SCOPUS (Maksim's request) (Volker)
  5. Indico-SPMS merge project news (Christine)
  6. Report from TM2018 Working Group (David)
  7. Request to adopt Umbrella federated authentication (Ivan)
  8. AOB

2. Follow up on previous decisions (broken links in proceedings, ...) (Todd)

Todd discussed with John Poole at IPAC'18 and noted that they are not broken per se, as much as some new versions of browser PDF plugins (e.g. Safari 11.1) do not recognize PDF links. The links still work (and are correct) when opening PDFs separately in Acrobat. Nonetheless we should move to generate web page proceedings in the style of later conferences to avoid this issue. Todd is working on a script to generate an XML index suitable for Volker's scripts from the PDF indices of these conferences.