JBoD meeting #7 - March 3, 2015

This meeting has been arranged on a Vidyo-conference through Indico.

The approved Summary notes are available.


  1. Approval of JBoDM#6 notes (Todd)
  2. Outcome of last TM: actions, appoint responsible persons (Raphael)
  3. List of JACoW Offices: definition, description. Nomination of Officers to be postponed to next meeting (Ivan)
  4. JACoW Charter (intro by Ivan)
    1. modifications approved by the Team , definition and approval of exact text; (Jan)
    2. start of a more in-deep review of the charter: definition of the process (Ivan)
  5. Requests to joining JACoW (MEDSI, ...): current status (Christine)
  6. JACoW metadata to indexing services (e.g., INSPIRE): new requirement for publication? (Ivan & Christine)
  7. Other possible business