JBoD meeting #5 - January 27, 2014

This meeting has been arranged on a Vidyo-conference through Indico.

The approved Summary notes are available online at this page.


  1. Approval of JBoDM#4 Summary Notes (Ivan)
  2. Status of the JACoW collaboration: new requests to join JACoW, fail to publish etc. (Volker)
    1. Symposium on Accelerator Physics (SAP)
  3. Team Meeting 2013 Follow up:
    1. Next Templates for JACoW/IPAC14
    2. References in abstracts and in paper
    3. JACoW-Indico and resources request to CERN
  4. Style of references: requests for published standard
  5. Mailing lists and accounts for JACoW.org
  6. Bids for JTM2014 - next actions to be defined
  7. Other possible business