Summary Notes of the Fiftheen Meeting of the JACoW Board of Directors

February 8, 2017

Present: Ivan Andrian, Todd Satogata, Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, David Button, Volker RW Schaa

1. Approval of Notes of JBoD #14

The Notes of the previous meeting are approved without comment.

2. Outcome of TM and Actions Outstanding (David Button)

David is happy with the quality of the talks out of the Wiki. Stefano and Raphael discovered how to make slide presentations out of the Wiki. Note from Christine: if this hasn't been written up perhaps it should be?

There's a good collection of work, but David and Charlie will need to work through and see what needs to be updated in the Wiki or transferred from presentations to the wiki.

On the question of proceedings, and in particular the notes of the Pre-TM, Todd will prepare something for the BoD Archive.

It is noted that proceedings packages are no longer the norm and a mixture of wiki and presentations to wiki, will replace them. David will contact Charlie about transferring presentations as necessary over to the Wiki.

Ivan and Todd point Chris in the direction of the Agenda, which is a good place to start to see what was presented.

On the question of keeping track of activities, Ivan draws attention to the table originally prepared by Raphael and published on the JACoW website (found under For the JACoW Team/Projects/Current activities (protected)). It is necessary to update this table following TM'16 to reflect the status of projects and Working Group progress.

David volunteers to look into this with WG leaders and report back to the BoD. He will explore with them whether they prefer to track progress using Slack, which Chris had found inefficient in connection with TM'16. Dave agrees it could have been used more efficiently by breaking discussions into channels. Ivan mentions an open source version of Slack called Mattermost.

It is not clear how many things in the WGs are trackable deliverables with specific deadlines. They tend to be driven by need, e.g. mobile app at IPACs, template update before IPACs, Online Help needs before Team Meetings. It is also not clear how much oversight the working groups really need other than good communication with the BoD. The IT area was specifically discussed, in particular the strong impact IT has on success or failure of a conference and the JACoW team effort. IT managers of larger events (perhaps only IPACs) should continue to publish their specs as a reference document for future events, in particular the larger ones. SigmarLieber (HZDR, IPAC'14) and Anthony Cuffe (JLab, IPAC'15) were identified as being particularly effective IT managers, including identifying lessons learned.

Dave will look into tracking WG progress with the WG leaders, identified as follows:

  • TM Organization: composition for TM'17 to be decided, Chris to coordinate
  • Templates: Jan plus helpers according to software
  • Mobile App: Johan
  • IT: Ivan
  • Wiki: Charlie
  • Indico: Ivan, Todd plus Thomas

3. TM'17 Status of Bids

Bids have been received from Pohang and Beijing. Both are valid, but Chris has doubts in particular about the registration fees, respectively 200 and 250 USD, and in particular what is included in the Chinese proposal. Chris will contact Ning and Qing to clarify. Once she is satisfied, she will publish the bids on with Stefano's help, and call for votes from among all Team Members. She will aim to publish by mid-February and set a deadline end February to complete the voting procedure.

A tentative composition of the TM'17 WG would be:

Coordinator between Local Organization and the Programme: Chris
Programme Chair: David (David notes he is having difficulty finding local support for JACoW activities and travel ...)
Programme Cttee: BoD
LOC Coordinator
Others as necessary

4. IPCALEPCS'17 Request about accepting ITER papers with different license

Todd consulted with two friends who are IP professionals (one a lawyer, one a corporate advisor), and three US DOE national lab contacts. The legal advice is to make no claims and assume no liability, as ITER does not have to publish papers with JACoW if they do not want to. They can still present work at conferences and workshops, and just submit nothing for publication, so they are not being excluded. The national lab contacts note that all labs have some relationships with industry that are protected; the scientific staff working on these projects are precluded from publishing protected material except in internal technical notes. They would not permit publication of details of limited types of IP under CC BY 3.0 either, but in general those cases are very few and they would generally permit publication of results that depended on use of that IP.

Overall the recommendations from all are that we should be clear about our publication standards, and leave the decision about whether to publish under those constraints to ITER and other agencies. We should not try to accommodate other copyright constraints, particularly in a mixed way, or assume any potential liability by making extra accommodations. The BoD appeared relieved and encouraged by this assessment, and Ivan will respond "no" to the ITER request.

5. BoD: Shall we invite others on board?

It is decided to consider inviting people outside of the BoD ad hoc in advance of each BoD.

6. AOB

Indexing of JACoW Proceedings

Volker is retiring in May! And going to Barbados before then!

Volker circulated an inquiry and response about indexing JACoW proceedings in SCOPUS. Further inquiry brought to light that need an "ethics and malpractice statement" along with three PDFs of recent proceedings (of small size) to be submitted to SCOPUS for consideration. There was some confusion about whether the requests Volker is getting are auto-generated or from a bureaucrat. Volker will be seeing a colleague from SCOPUS in May, and will consult with him on the best way to move forward since we appear not to fit inside their automated "box".

JACoW Software

The IPACCC agreed during IPAC'16 to contribute to the cost of JACoW software upgrades. Chris wrote to David Lee to describe the agreement, and organize the payment via invoices by IPAC'16, '17 and '18 to an account at EPS. When nothing was forthcoming, Chris reminded David Lee and it appears the question was overlooked. EPS has assured Chris that the invoices are being prepared.

Chris also noted that the Curran royalty payment is being made via PayPal to the JACoW account at EPS, so there is no need to involve Todd in the payment process.