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Editing Team Meeting Submitted Papers

Page Contact: Raphael Mueller (GSI Helmholtzzentrum fuer Schwerionenforschung GmbH)

This will just be a step-by-step guide through editig a paper. You are invited to follow my example on your own workstation.


  • Request a paper from SPMS
    • If you have no instance available an example can be downloaded here: Test Paper
  • Download PDF or PS
    • If not available download the source and destill it (-> yellow dot)
  • In case of PS distill to PDF

Process / Verify

  • Check fonts
  • Check number of pages
  • Check readability and display time
  • Apply the JACoW Media Box
  • Check margins
  • Check page size
  • Check formatting and Common Author Oversights
  • Fix the problems
    • If you estimate that it takes you more than one hour to fix it,
      send it back to the author (-> red dot)


  • Print, check visually
  • Write down Paper ID, initials and time on the corner of the paper
    (or use the JACoWSetDot.js scripts under "File.." in Acrobat if installed)
  • Dot the paper (or use stamping tools)
    • Green
      • Nothing is wrong
      • No further action required
    • Yellow
      • Source file changed
      • Author should proofread
    • Red
      • Extensive work necessary, author should fix and resubmit
      • Author should come to the proceedings office
  • Upload ALL processed files to SPMS
  • Use SPMS to set status and error codes

Quality Assurance

  • From the "Papers to QA" bin take a printed paper that you did not process
  • Download the PDF using the editor QA interface
  • Check the requirements (again)
    • Technical (fonts, page size, performance, etc.)
    • General Appearance (Common Author Oversights)
  • Check carefully and correct in SPMS
    • Title
    • Number of pages
    • Author list
      • See also in the Wiki: Cross-Checking Authors/Titles
  • If everything is Ok
    • Select QA Ok and submit
  • If anything is NOT Ok
    • If the PDF can be fixed
      • Fix
      • Upload
      • Select QA Ok
  • If it can not be fixed
    • Select QA failed
      • Choose original editor and explain the problem or
      • Choose to reassigning the paper to yourself and fix it

Tips and Tricks for Processing



  • Tips and Tricks Editing Word.pptx David Button JACoW Team Meeting 2017, IHEP, Beijing, China

  • Prerequisites
  • Visualization
    • Print Layout View (default)
    • Outline View
    • Text Boundaries
    • Punctuation and hidden symbols
  • Search's
    • Find
    • Find and Replace
  • Formatting
    • Styles
    • Format Paint Tool
    • Fudging Line Spacing's (Shift + Ctrl + < OR >)
    • Insert Objects Inline with Text
    • Remove Hyper Links
    • Breaks


  • Editing with Acrobat/Pitstop Raphael Mueller