Sending Email with SPMS

Contact: Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz

Where and How to Send and Track Emails in SPMS

There are essentially three places in SPMS for handling email.

  1. On the screen Editor/Proceedings Administration/Email, emails can be sent to people with specific SPMS roles see details.
  2. On the screen Overall Database Administration/Email Utility (Repository), emails can be sent to repository mailing lists. This path is to be used for the conference announcement, the first and second industry announcements, and the final email about the availability of the conference proceedings. It can also be used to contact specific groups of profile owners in a selection of different affiliations, or countries, regions, or types of affiliation (university, laboratory, industry, etc.), as well as members of societies such as IEEE, APS, EPS, etc.
  3. An email utility is also built in to the registration module for registration-related use.

All functionalities in regard to email are explained here:

It is worth noting that the substitute values which can be used in either email setup are almost but not quite exactly the same, so please pay attention and make use of the "Preview" button before sending an e-mail to several thousand people. (E.g.: The substitute <<Repository Name>> does not refer to the full name of a person.)

After sending e-mails to a larger email mailing list, up to 10% of the mails bounce back due to people no longer working at the same lab without updating their JACOW profiles, retirement etc. It is important to keep the database up-to-date, so please inform Sue Waller who is the SPMS Repository Manager about any invalid repository contacts.

If you are interested in the exact amount of contacts per mailing list, contact Matt Arena.


Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz:

Sending Mail with Editor/Proceedings Administration/Email

Email History

The screen

Editor/Proceedings Administration / Email / Email History

lists all mails sent via SPMS.

Email Utility

The screen

Editor/Proceedings Administration / Email / Email Utility

is used to prepare e-mails to authors, speakers, account holders, with contributions to the conference. Use the selection criteria in the top half of the screen to define the mailing list.

Mails can be addressed to the submitting (primary) author, account owner, and/or speaker, with a copy to the administrator (sender).

One should be careful NOT to send a copy to the administrator if several hundred mails are being sent....

Enter a subject, and the text of the mail, using if necessary the substitutes for abstract/session values shown at the bottom of the screen.

Refrain from using greek or special characters in the text of the mail and also from pasting in text from Word.

Once the text is final, click on "submit" and check that the number of mails indicated in red corresponds approximately to the expected number, and then "View an Example" to check that all is correct.

SPMS Roles

The screen

Editor/Proceedings Administration / Email / SPMS Roles

provides an interface to send e-mails to individuals with functional roles.

Select the group of individuals by functional role/expert status, enter the subject and text of the e-mail, and follow the advice as described above.

Session Chairs

Via the screen

Editor/Proceedings Administration / Email / Session Chairs

It is possible to send e-mails to session chairs, similar to the functionality described above.