Registration Module: Introduction

Contact: Ivan Andrian (Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.)

The SPMS is very flexible for letting people register for a conference. It has three basic modules:

  • Built-in registration pages.
  • Flexible methods of payments with options for credit cards or PayPal.
  • External Registration for those who want to use other programs.

Please consider that the three above as categories: by using, for example, the built-in registration module, you can set up registration pages for delegate registration, industrial exhibition registration, student registration, and so on.

Every page is a form that the interested person will have to fill in.

For example, we can have a delegate registration page.

Pages are built by three recurrent elements:

  • fields
  • field order
  • field description/additional descriptive text

Methods of payment are a global setting for SPMS, but it is possible to "associate" methods of payments to every page, so you can differentiate how people will be able pay on every page.

Fields are grouped in field groups. In principle, at least one field group is necessary and sufficient, but creating several groups can make it easier to manage the fields. A typical example could be:

  • Fiscal data fields group
  • Social program fields group
  • Dietary requirements fields group
  • Accompanying people fields group
  • Oral session fields group
  • ...

Every field can be used in several pages. Their values will be saved relative to each page.