Permission to use SPMS

JACoW Collaboration conferences can benefit from the software licenses owned by the collaboration (Acrobat and Pitstop) and can use SPMS and the associated repositories. Each conference chair must request permission to use the JACoW tools of the JACoW chair and/or coordinator , who will ask the relevant regional support centre to set up the instance.

An undersigned copy of the following text must be addressed by the conference chair to the JACoW chair and/or coordinator:

As Organizers of the XXX Conference we undertake that

  1. The data supplied and collected with the SPMS system will under no circumstances be used for any other purpose than in connection with the organization of the conference in question (conference and non-conference announcements to the whole repository are strictly forbidden).
  2. The e-mail utility may be used normally only once to announce the conference to those profile/account owners contained in the relative mailing lists, and once following the conference to announce the publication of the proceedings at the JACoW site.
  3. The data will not be provided to any external body for any purpose.
  4. Following the publication of the conference proceedings and repatriation of the data to the central repository, the link to the central repository will be cut and there will be no further maintenance of the system by central support.
  5. The email facility will not be used after the publication of the conference proceedings.
  6. The profiles and account information generated by the conference will be of the same quality as the data already in the repository (no dummy emails, etc.).
  7. Software installed using JACoW licenses will be un-installed immediately after the conference.