Report Bugs and Request New Features

Support for SPMS (and up/download scripts) should come via SourceForge's ticketing system at http://sf.net/projects/jacow-spms .

The SF.net ticketing system is a bug tracking system (ref.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bug_tracking_system) that allows you to report bugs, request development for new features, etc.

By using the SF.net ticketing system, everybody involved in development and use of SPMS and related software (developers, key users, etc.) will be able to follow and participate in the progress. New features can be discussed via the SF.net ticketing system's notes.

To create a new ticket you need a SourceForge.net account (it's free and is linkable, for example, to existing OpenID/Google/Yahoo/AOL/etc. accounts) - see https://sourceforge.net/account/login.php.

After logging in, in the http://sf.net/p/jacow-spms page, click on the "Tickets" link on the far right-hand side of the top navigation bar to see the available ticket categories that can be used.

To access the ticketing system, use the SPMS support page.

When a ticket is submitted, the developers are notified by email, and the submitter is kept updated via email every time any new note is posted.

If You Need Additional Help

If you are a new user and are having difficulty, first you should subscribe to at least one of the JACoW mailing lists available at http://sourceforge.net/p/jacow-spms/mailman/

In particular we suggest starting using the jacow-spms-users mailing list.

As a last resort, you can contact an experienced user/editor:

Matt Arena , SPMS author/developer.
Todd Satogata , NA-PAC

See the Member & Roles page for more contacts and experts.

SPMS users are strongly encouraged to initiate close ties with past and future editors of their conference series before contacting the above.