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SPMS instances are delivered with a number of "default" or "most often used" functional roles, but the administrator can add roles as required.

Functional roles are typically administrator; registration manager; editor; poster session manager; author reception staff; organizing, scientific programme, and local organizing committee member; etc.

SPMS administrators should check out the functional roles delivered with the instance and remove from or add to (entering/inventing a code and a description) from the list as needed.

To create a new functional role, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter a unique function code. The value you select cannot be a duplicate of the existing codes. In the next field enter a description that identifies the role you are creating. The Vendor dropdown is used to identify roles assigned specially for vendors in the registration module. This field is usually set to No.

To update existing functional roles, change the value of any field in the area provided. You cannot change the value of the code once created. Click the "Save" button to save your changes.