System Parameters: Registration

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These parameters are related to activities around registration. Some further explanations to some parameters are given below.

Credit Card Vendor

Enter the portal of the credit card vendor.

Late Fee Grace Period

Enter the number of days that can elapse between registration and receipt of payment. This can be one or two weeks up to just before the conference when it should be progressively be reduced to zero to avoid problems with late registrations that have not been treated when the delegate registers at the conference.

Missing Payment Email Message

Any text entered here will appear when a registrant omits enter payment information. Enter text in html.

Payment Email Text

Enter text to be generated in an e-mail to confirm payment.

Payment Prompt Notes

Text entered here will be displayed on the registration payment screen. Enter text in html.

Show Registration Invoices

Should be set to "Yes" so that the registrant will see a link to the invoice once registration is complete.