Managing Invited/Contributed Orals: Assign Priority Codes

Propose Invited Orals
Withdraw all proposals with no priority
Withdraw all rejected proposals
Select Contributed Orals

Following the exercise of proposing and accepting contributions for invited oral presentation, a number of contributions will have been earmarked with priorities, according to the priorities entered in the screen

  • Scientific Program Administration / Proposed Invited Oral Priority Codes

Other contributions will not have been assigned any priorities.

The most usual codes are 1st, 2nd and 3rd. It is usual that 1st priority proposals are used to prepare the invitations. Second priority proposals remain in the SPMS until the invited speakers (1st priority) have accepted or rejected. Once all invited speakers have accepted the invitations, the 2nd and 3rd priority proposals are withdrawn from SPMS. Proposals with no priority should have been withdrawn earlier.

Use the Excel file available at

  • General / Data Extracts / All Orals

to see all proposals.

Setting Priority of Invited Oral abstracts

By using the usual abstracts search utility it is possible to set priorities to Oral abstracts, according to the above priority codes.

When a logged-in user has "Set Invited Oral Priority" privileges, the search result page will have automatic links to set the priority according to the set codes.

Also, session coordinators are able to see the priority links and set preferences for their main classification only.

All the other members of the SPC will need to get the "Set Invited Oral Priority" privilege in the Overall Database Administration / Privileges, Roles, & Users / Authorize screen.

Note: it may be possible that, even with the above settings correctly set, the links are not showing up. In such a case, be sure that the related "web pages" are correct:

  1. Overall Database Administration / Privileges, Roles, & Users / Web Pages
  2. Click "Edit" next to prog_cmtte.set_proposal
  3. Add "Set Invited Oral Priority" to the list of clicked boxes
  4. Click "Submit"

Withdraw all Proposals with No Priority

Via the screen

  • Scientific Program Administration / Withdraw all proposals with no priority

the administrator can withdraw all proposals for invited oral presentation with no priority.

If the administrator later need to withdraw proposals that have voted priorities, it is simplest to simply search for them and withdraw them directly. Withdrawing proposals that are in PC mode (e.g. that show "Proposed by") will not generate notification emails.