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Withdraw all proposals with no priority
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Following abstract submission and abstract quality assurance, the SPC:

  • ensures that all papers are correctly classified (main plus sub-classification) since this ensures that contributions, and in particular posters, are correctly placed within the conference programme
  • selects contributions for oral presentation.

It is wise to FIRST check the classifications, prior to proposing orals since the job of proposing oral presentations is then simplified. Experience shows that around 15% of contributions submitted are wrongly classified, for various reasons. This has to be corrected before moving on to selecting orals.

Usually, all SPC members are able to propose abstracts for "promotion" to oral presentation. The privilege to accept/reject proposals is assigned to a limited number of persons (see further below).

To Enable Proposals for Oral Presentation

Abstract submission should be set to "No" via the system parameter

  • Overall Database Administration / System Parameters / User / Accepting Abstracts

Set to "Yes":

  • Overall Database Administration / System Parameters / PC / Enable PC Presentation
  • Overall Database Administration / System Parameters / PC / Freeze User Updates to Presentation Type

In the screen

  • Overall Database Administration / Privileges, Roles & Users
  • Ensure that in the column on the left, for the functional role (for example SPC) the privilege propose presentation changes is authorized.
  • Enter in the column on the right, the names of all persons with the functional role (SPC) and the privilege propose presentation changes.

The above will allow ALL SPC members to propose presentation changes for all abstracts.

Assign Privileges to Accept Proposals for Presentation Changes

Via the screen

  • Scientific Program Administration / Classifications / Main Classification / Experts

for each Main Classification, search for each individual who should have the privilege to approve proposals for presentation changes via the "Search for an Account", and assign the privilege "May approve abstract presentation type proposed changes" from the list of privileges.

It is customary to enter the SPC chair, the editor, the persons who should be assigned this privilege for each main classification.

Instructions to Authorized Persons to Propose Presentation changes

Log into your account via your JACoW profile at

http://{conference url}/profile.html

Click on the privileges:

Propose Presentation Changes

Click on the blue link "Program Committee Access" and in the following search screen:

  • Select the main classification, or main plus sub-classification of interest.
  • Sort in the order you wish.

Decide whether you wish to:

  • Display all abstracts in the selected classification.
  • Display only the abstracts proposed for a change in presentation type.
  • Display the abstracts not proposed for a change.

Begin with the first option to decide whether abstracts should be proposed for "promotion" to oral presentation. The second option is used more to review those with a proposed change, prior to approval, or rejection of proposals. The third option is to provide a last check that all contributions are correctly classified.

Click on "submit" and then scroll through the search results.

The blue links "Propose New Presentation Type" are used to propose the new presentation type. (Select the type - this should be "contributed oral" or whatever is entered in the screen Presentation Type (Contributions) according to the column "Reclassify".)

  • Note that proposals are only visible upon refreshing the screen.***

All proposals will be visible to all, with the name of the proposer.

The persons with the privilege to accept proposals, will see 2 further links "Accept" "Reject". A link "Withdraw Proposal" is enabled for the persons who made the proposal.

As mentioned above, it is advisable to reclassify all abstracts before making proposals for a change in presentation type ("promotion" from poster to contributed oral).