This screen was originally created to offer the possibility to some conferences (in particular for the "invitation only" Linac series) to limit access to the instance of the SPMS to a restricted group.

It can also be used to allow individual access to a conference instance to submit an abstract, after abstract submission is closed, for example when the system parameter

Overall Database Administration / System Parameters / Accepting Abstracts

is set to "No".

The screen Overall Database Administration/Invitee List is therefore used

  • to create lists of individual, invited persons when access to the SPMS is limited to "invited persons only", or
  • to allow abstract submission past the deadline for abstract submission to other events, once abstract submission is normally closed.

Via Option 1 it is possible:

  • to search for individuals with profiles and select them (Yes/No) such that they can have access to the SPMS
  • to enable access for open conferences once abstract submission has been disabled

Via Option 2 it is possible:

  • to enter the full mailing list of an invitation only conference, allowing all of the individuals to access the SPMS instance, and exclude any others not entered.