Manual Processing of Payments

To process a wire transfer or payment by check or credit card:

  • Login to your SPMS with Registration privilege
  • Click "Home" at top of screen
  • Go to Registration / Payments and Invoices / Search/Process attendees in menu
  • Search for the last name or find them in the alphabetized list of last names.
  • On the line with the name, click the "Process" link at the left
  • This brings up a separate pop-up page. (If it does not, you have to have JavaScript enabled and pop-up blockers turned off.)
  • Click the "Add extra payment/Refund" link next to something that is being paid by wire transfer.
  • Type "650" (or whatever amount is being paid) in the Extra Amount field. Click Check or Wire Transfer as method of Payment. (Use Check for Credit Card for now.) Type a comment in the comment field about they payment details, including any reference info you want. If you are applying a credit card payment that did not come through to SPMS, this is where you also clarify that the payment was really a credit card, and include your credit card processor transaction info if you have it.
  • Click "save" to record the payment.
  • Continue clicking the "Add extra payment/Refund" links for any other item that is being paid by wire transfer or check and add the amounts as above.
  • After logging payments, you should be able to return to their registration page and see that the balance due is now equal to zero, or whatever they have left that was not paid by wire transfer or check.

To apply refunds, type negative numbers into the Extra Amount field instead of positive numbers. Note that most credit card processor refunds will NOT automatically be reflected in SPMS -- you must process them manually. Also note that you have to "refund" all payments in the SPMS this way to be able to cancel a registration from the registration page -- SPMS will not let you cancel a registration if it looks like the registrant has paid you and you have not refunded them in full.