Registration Page Properties

In the menu on the left, select "Page Layout".

A list of existing pages will be displayed:

The green cross on top allows you to create new pages (see below).

For every page, there are several attributes/actions:

  • notebook+pen icon: to get the very details of the page (see below)
  • Page name: the given name of the page that will be displayed also as a link for users
  • Delete: a cross icon permits deletion. A green mark says "it's in use, cannot delete"
  • Add available payments: displays the already associated payment types and permits to associate/remove others
  • Available to users: determines whether an unprivileged person can access this page
  • Login required: whether or not a login is required to fill in this page
  • Admin priv required to view data
  • Show this page as a link on:
    • Profile page: a link with the page name will be showed in the user's profile page. By clicking the link he'll be able to fill in data
    • Contribution page: same as above, but for the page of the user's contributions

Detailed page properties

  • Page Name: obvious
  • Admin's email: the address from which all emails sent by the SPMS will come from.
  • Max Registrants: for closed-number conferences
  • Completion Text: this allows additional text to be displayed when the page/form is submitted.
  • Return URL: a URL to redirect the browser to after submission. Normally blank.
  • External CC Vendor URL: per-page URL to the credit card gateway. Normally only a global CC Vendor URL is used (more later)
  • External Registration URL: URL of the external registration system to redirect the browser when entering this page. See ExternalRegistrationSetup.
  • Hide Receipt: whether or not to hide the receipt after submission
  • Include Registrants on List of Participants Report: whether or not to include registrants of this page in the participants report
  • Data Entry URL: direct URL to get to the registration page: useful for the registration manager, or to send the URL via email, etc.
  • Report URL: direct URL to this page's report